羅文 – 舊夢不須記

羅文 - 舊夢不須記

羅文 – 舊夢不須記-comparison. 【2016 原音精選】

SACD/CD is sourced from the 24k version, which was original mastered by me at 1998 with Nagra D, Genesis digital lens and dCS902/972/952. (wow 18years ago I was 8). The lower waveform is the original CD for reference. Mr.Terence Lai done nothing wrong on this sampler. Enjoy music, trust someone who knows the thing pls.

There has been a hot discussion about the latest Hong Kong 2016 AV Show sampler which includes this track. A group of local audiophiles have gathered with an un-scientific conclusion that the engineer made a mistake with reversed polarity. I made the original 24kCD mastering 18 years ago. It was an important project to my journey, and this sampler has nothing wrong. When one person said something it is an opinion, when 100 people said the same thing it becomes a generally accepted conclusion. “audio discussion” becomes a new hobby. This is the reason I express very little on good or bad sounding because everyone think/hear differently. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know what is good/bad as the engineer of this records. I particular feel disgusting that people trash other audio product in order to try get a sales, or another person to gain a credit.

The lowest waveform is the original CD master file I have kept. That was Wavelab 1.6 as DAW, Nagra D, dCS9xx were supported from Forthwise company. That was my high school summer holiday project. Leo Fung the original recording engineer gave me the freedom to include some of the rehearsal edits in between songs. That was the best memories of whole album to me. Recording is about capturing the time of sound and 18years after I still feel very bless.

About this project it has minimal post processing anyway, all the credits should go to recording engineer Leo Fung and Ar Ming. That was a single point recording with whole orchestra and main vocal. A brave decision which I wouldn’t do.

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