DSD Myth by Grimm Audio

As an audio engineer, regional audio brand distributor, DSD is a hot topic again since DSD files download relaunch the popularity of the format. This paper is highly recommended for anyone who is interested about the format.


Grimm Audio – “In recent years the DSD audio format of SACD has seen a big revival in the form of high res downloads. We noticed there’s a lot of confusion about the 1 bit DSD format. Debates about the virtues of ‘128fs’ and ‘256fs’ DSD often lack background knowledge of what is really going on inside the AD and DA converters. Eelco Grimm and Peter van Willenswaard wrote a ‘DSD Myth’ white paper to offer clarity in the discussion. ”


  1. frankpc

    17 July

    Why can’t one bit stream DSD over HDMI from your HTPC to an AVR or DAC?

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