Weiss MEDUS-音響技術

Thank you Audiotechnique and reviewer Paul Leung for the in-depth review! Finally we have chance to promote the MEDUS.

I don’t understand why today audiophiles rate audio product by its prices only. From technical perspective Medus is hard to beat. If you are music lover or engineer, and audio system is a tool for you to enjoy/produce music, then MEDUS is the ultimate tool. MEDUS is the peak and final station for Weiss legendary MEDEA/JASON.  I’m blessed that I’m the person who carried the 1st MEDEA back to HK during year 2000 summer. Throughout the years there were MEDEA, MEDEA V2 (if you know what I mean), MEDEA+, MEDEA+FW, MEDEA+USB, MEDEA+Thunderbolt.

Reviewer Paul Leung mentioned few recordings in his MEDUS review. All those studios use  Weiss as production/recording equipment. I don’t know what else can be more faithfully reproduce the original recording quality, if that is the goal of audiophile listen with high end audio system.

Medus uses OP1-BP amp modules, which is Weiss in house design SOTA gain stage. You may read the spec from here.

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