Alluxity-HiFiReview POTY 2013

Alluxity-HiFiReview POTY 2013

Thank you HiFi Review for the “2013 Product of the Year” Award!!

It is the first award we got from the amplifier category. After many years of searching for better quality amplifiers under our roof, this set satisfies many of our requests. In sound quality, design, function, construction, of course heritage background and prices, this setup has surpassed many of today famous players in the market.

My opinion the home audio listening market is drifting to older generation. In this high competitive market, more and more requirements are asked for on every component. At this price level, which Alluxity is only be possible because of the young teenager (Alluxity – Alexander Vitus Mogensen) willing to run his ambitious “1-MAN COMPANY”.

All the costs are put on the parts and components. The clever modular design saves labour cost that he can build each unit by himself. Without the high monthly overhead, he can price at such level, in order to attract more customers. I definitely see/sense the love of his family too. His father Hans-Ole Vitus (founder of Vitus Audio) plays roles to give Alex independency and while hope to help with his best effort. (What a contradiction!).  This father and son should be admired with such warm “boutique” style, and this is a meaningful element of Alluxity brand name.

I’ve not yet hear a bad demo coming from this set of amplifiers. The driving  power is more than enough in 200w/8ohm, 400w/4ohms RMS. It drives sealed Magico S1 & S5 very nicely, and good combo to my taste. It fits my requirements of “neutral but musical” category perfectly.

Enough said, audio is something you need to listen and sense, I hope you’ll give it a try.

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