Swiss Audio Exhibition

Swiss Audio Exhibition

Our local highend exhibition in Regensdorf / Zurich with very good attendance and lots of interest in our MAN301 network player and DAC202 D/A Converter.

1st setup with MAN301 and Klangwerk Ella active speakers. A minimalistic configuration with georgeous sound.

2nd setup with MAN301 and Quad Electrostats and two Quad dynamic subwoofers (underneath the Electrostats). Driven by two Weiss Castor amplifiers (discontinued) for the Electrostats and a Quad amplifier for the subs. Incredibly sounding combination.

3rd setup with Macbook Air / Thunderbolt to Firewire / DAC202 / Neukomm monoblocks and Klangwerk PHIL speakers.

4th setup with Macbook / Weiss DAC2 / Jecklin Transdyn headphone processor and headphone amplifier and Jecklin electrostatic headphones. On the left hand side the Qquad ESL57 electrostatic speaker in the original design – still manufactured.

Manger speaker in the front and the wall mounted Klangwerk speakers in the back. Gentlemen from right to left: Daniel Weiss of, Lothar Kerestedjian of and Manfred Stein of

Having fun with the Jecklin electrostatic headphones (manufactured by Quad) are on the left Stefan Plüss of (supplied all the furniture seen on the photos) and Andrea Weiss of on the right.

The bar, hosted by Olivia Östergren

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