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Audiophile Jazz Prologue – Part 04

Audiophile Jazz Prologue – Part 04

photo is captured by this moment


This AJP04 project becomes more and more interesting. It works like a musical presentation of my journey. If you don’t know, AJP project was started  in 2003 to celebrate I moved back to Hong Kong from North America. Next year will be first the decade, many many things have changed……..
In order to push myself over the limits, today we release the first preview sample “3 and 1 – Take 2”.
I still have not get the album cover design finish, but hope you will enjoy this free preview.

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5.6MHz – DSD (369.5MB) :
24bit/192kHz AIFF (302.6MB)
Technote PDF

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Maybe we will take them offline later, so catch your chance to download this……….

And let me know if you like it, have a wine and be happy that there is still hope in this world, otherwise get drunk….you will still have hope by tomorrow with hangover.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone.

  1. glt

    10 November

    Thanks for the tracks (and all the previous ones too). Enjoy them very much.

    • admin

      3 January

      Thank you got

  2. warp2600

    15 September

    Thanks a lot for providing those free samples in such great quality. Please keep us informed about the final release (maybe in DSD too). Great music, great sound!

  3. mister_w

    11 August

    Thx Man

  4. Lukas

    10 June

    How can I purchase “Audiophile Jazz Prologue – Part 4” the Double Discs Special Limited Edition?
    Really hope to purchase this one.

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