Viard Audio Cable new photo session

Viard Audio Cable new photo session

Viard Audio Cable becomes one of the fastest growing brands under our roof. A lot of people are attracted not only the superb sound quality, and also the appealing modern external outlook. We hired a professional photographer/designer to give them a new style sheet. The high-end Silver HD Power 20 and Silver HD Speaker 20 are started shipping.

In order to celebrate our eShop anniversary, we will be start offering sales prices under our own eShop from next week (Week 15, 2012). Contact us for more details.

If you live in Hong Kong, another good news for you all audiophiles. We will start the FREE TRAIL services from next week.(Week 15, 2012).

The execution will be as simple as possible: You paid the deposit of the cable and take them home to try on your systems for few days. You bring the cable back in good conditions, we refund your deposit.

We think this will provide higher customer satisfaction, especially on cables, which work on some systems but not all.  Contact us today to book this new service.

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