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Weiss INT202 and INT203 Firewire Interface:

Weiss INT202 provides firewire to single or dual AES connections. Before there was AES specification on single high speed 192kHz connection, to transfer 176.4kHz & 192kHz requires dual AES (2 x AES/EBU cables). INT202 provides CAS (computer as source) solution to these older generation DACs which still use Dual AES connections. (e.g. dCS Elgar, Esoteric DACs etc). It is selectable to output single wire 192kHZ as well.

Weiss INT203 provides single high speed 192kHz AES only. There is no dual AES output on INT203. It is suitable for DAC convertors which support single wire 192kHz AES. INT203 provides digital output and digital input in bi-directional firewire interface. You can record digital signal to your computer and match with an A/D converter to digitize your analogue source (vinyl).

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