Swiss Made Digital Frontier

Swiss Made Digital Frontier

Khun Thammanoon from Audiophile/Videophile (Thailand) has written the world most details review article for Weiss Jason CD Transport / Medea+ DAC with Swiss Made Klangwerk Ella active loudspeakers.

The review article is released in 2 issues of Audiophile/Videophile magazine of total 27 pages.

Part 1) Download Part 1 PDF from here (12 pages)

  • Swiss Made Digital Frontier. Weiss DAC202 has won POY2010 (Product of the Year)
  • BAV2011 – We attended and worked with Thammanoon for a product preview seminar on Weiss MAN202 and demonstrated Weiss Flagship Jason CD Transport/ Medea+ DAC.
  • Pre/Power Amp and Speaker Cables……No needed. For CD playback, the Jason CD transport provides 176.4kHz upsampling with internal 40bit floating point volume control. For CAS (Computer as Source), the Medea+ includes remote control.
  • Swiss Made Klangwerk Ella was used, and while everyone (including myself) may doubt how good this swiss active speakers sound with its adorable, elegant outlook. This has been our reference speakers in Dream Room.
  • Thammanoon mentioned Weiss brand history, and the story of anicent myth Jason/Medea.

Part 2) Download Part 2 PDF from here (15 pages)

  • Swiss handcraft
  • Swiss Art
  • Sound Works
  • The Three Company
  • The Synergy
  • Make Out Loud
  • And he concludes with “The Perfect Ten”

Thank you noon, and god bless thailand. I look forward next time we meet and hope all the best with your people.

  1. tumnoon

    1 November

    You’re Welcome!

  2. Joost

    23 May

    Hello, the linked PDF files are no longer available. Is there any chance you could re-upload them?
    Khop khun krab!

  3. admin

    29 May

    Hello Joost, the review PDFs are updated, thank you.

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