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DAC202 – TAS2011-GEA

DAC202 – TAS2011-GEA

Weiss DAC202 has won 2011 The Absolute Sound (TAS) Golden Ear Award. This is the latest announcement on 2011 August issue TAS.

Reviewer Mr. Steven Stone wrote: “Although The DAC202 has that “pro sound” (i.e. low distortion and harmonic coloration), it is not dry or sterile. Instead the DAC202 delivers a nearly perfect picture window opening onto whatever musical event you choose to play through it………During my initial review it was difficult to remain objective since the DAC202 outperformed anything I’d heard before.”

  1. Gordon Rodrigues

    22 September

    I totally agree with Steve…the combination of the DAC202 with my PMC TB2S-AII active monitors provides a beautiful soundstage with amazing clarity…total immersion…both with redbook/ALAC lossless and more so with high rez music sources

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