Thailand Bangkok BAV 2011

It was nice to meet all three major thailand magazines this trip. They all have very positive on computer audio playback. In BAV show, many rooms have excellent performances.

dCS with Aerial provides excellent resolution
Herbeht is one of my favorite loudspeakers.
Usher is extremely nice sounding, especially with MSB front end.
Linn full system represents the classic british sound.

I want to bring the new Vitus integrated amp to my new showroom. And I found its twin brother “Virus” during the show. That’s a sign of Vitus is getting more famous in the whole universe, and well deserved.

First Asia MAN202 demo was very high pressure. This is only a prototype, one and only in Asia.

The Jason/Medea+ combo continuous to storm Bangkok audiophiles. We recently installed few new systems, and users are/were coincidently all using dCS Scalatti systems. The back orders number are climbing up. However the rocket high swiss franc currency forces us to raise prices, following the US retail. Whoever has placed order, you are lucky.

I don’t speaker much about our new speaker brand, we will wait for another time. But this swiss made speaker sounds unbelievable, and after several MAN202 show events in Europe, Daniel Weiss has got him a pair for listening. That speaks for something.

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