Munich International Audio Show

Munich International Audio Show

My first time to Munich. Many new things to learn.

The Weiss MAN202 is proceeding well. Some functions have surpassed what Apple is offering. New updates on various important sections like DSP, DAC and analogue output stages. The current prototype will be first launched during Bangkok Audiophile Videophile (BAV) end of June and then Taiwan TAA show on July. The final product is target to be launched around end of this year. Daniel told me the MAN202 price targets around CHF 12,000.

Wilson Audio is one of the best sounding rooms. Having chances to listen Peter McGrath live classic recordings (he just made the recording few days before the show) is GREAT! Then I found out he actually uses Weiss INT202 playback from his recording Macbook pro and telling everyone how good it is. Wonderful.

Kharma room uses Medea as reference DAC. The decoration of its room is first class in the show.

Magico Q3 and Soulution is another great sound room. The low level resolution, and overall balance is extremely high standard.

KEF Blade is one shocking good sounding loudspeaker. I went into Vitus room twice but the guy was too busy, I can’t get a beer with him. PMC playback high level (95-100dBSPL) live surround from Steve Wonder is one of the best sounding room.

Met with one Switzerland architect who produces very unique speaker for wide different placement. And also a partnership is made with one of the largest Germany mastering studio for blu-ray audio disc. This should all be coming near future.

Naim Audio S400 worths a serious audition.

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