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Thank you again Tsunoda Ikuo 角田郁雄 for INT202 reviews. He has compared most options in the market and he has chosen INT202 as reference and standard event demo system. Mr. Ikuo san CAS system is very similar workflow to ours: Amarra 2.0/iTunes/iPAD & iPhone remote/INT202/DAC202. This is a proven system and we can recommend this for computer audiophile lovers who demand nothing but the best.

If you already have a great quality DAC which you like, adding an INT202 will simply provide you the best quality computer playback capability. This is why INT202 is the ultimate CAS weapon with its internal master clock, Async control the timing of the data transfer from computer to both AES & RCA output. Support Dual or Single Wire connection adds more flexibility for user who are using DACs which only support dualAES for high sampling (e.g. dCS Elgar, Esoteric etc)


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