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Weiss INT202 – Audiotechnique348

Thank you Audiotechnique for the detail review and photos are truly amazing quality even in B&W. Here you can find the lo-res PDF file for download, or simply click on the each photo on below. Same as all photos on this blog, a new window will pop up with high resolution JPEGs for you viewing pleasure.

We would like to extend our thanks to 王子聰 again and it is our honor to have him as a new INT202 user.

Weiss consumer products are never difficult to use. Weiss Professional processors (e.g. DS1-MK3) on the other hand still make me learning new mastering tricks every day after I spent more than 3000 days with it.

Computer as Source  (CAS) system should always be user friendly. Our top recommendation is Apple iTunes, Sonic Amarra with iPad as remote control. If you have difficult using iTunes, visit Apple for the tutor videos.

If you want our help on you CAS system, feel free to contact us.

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