DAC202 reviewed by

DAC202 reviewed by

A very detail review is posted on by its founder Chris Connaker.

  1. Gordon

    29 June


    I have all my music in Apple Lossless on a Time Capsule and play through Itunes in desktop Klipsch speakers. Was looking to implement the following setup for a 10×10 room:
    Macbook with itunes and Amarra mini
    Weiss DAC202
    Emotiva XPA-2 power amp
    Totem Mani-2 Signature speakers

    Do you think this combination would work…the reason for the Mani-2 is the low frequency response. The Emotiva XPA-2 should be able to drive the 4ohm Mani’s since they do 500w x 4ohms.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Music listened too is fairly eclectic spanning Jazz, Classical, Rock, Pop and New Age.


  2. admin

    1 July

    Hello Gordon, I don’t try Emotiva power amp but I think it will be an awesome modern setup. I am writing this reply on my way to taiwan for Weiss promotion event. Still looking for time to write about Amarra 2.0. I like it very much with Weiss DAC202!

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