Thailand GM2000 – DAC202 Part II

Thank you GM2000 Chief Editor Thanee Modsa-nga for written this excellent 2 parts detail review!
Weiss DAC202  – the non-compromise DAC for computer playback Part: IPart: II

Part: I: Review focuses on the general technology background and the performances using DAC202 as an external DAC. He mentioned “

New Standard for Sound Quality….This is what I defined that DAC202 has set up a new standard of what we call ” A GOOD SOUND ” for every audiophile to be listen to for upgrading their capability….DAC202 is one of the best external DAC that I have auditioned in my life!…”

Part: II: Thanee compared using a HiFace USB to Coaxial connection and the Weiss internal firewire connection with internal master clock. He likes the firewire connection much more and describe it as “…. The sound from firewire port is smoother, fuller and more condense as you watch high def 1080p compares to 720p….”. He also shares experiences to use both PC and Mac platforms, which are both supported by Weiss. Everyone who knows Weiss background in professional recording market will be interested the quality of headphone monitoring. Modsagna uses a Sennheise HD800 as reference.

Once again thank you Thanee Modsagna for an unusual Part: IPart: II reviews on GM2000 magazine, and great to have you as a Weiss DAC202 happy user.

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