Ultrasone Edition 10

Ultrasone Edition 10

Right after came back from Thailand Bangkok BAV Show, there are many stuffs on the line to share with you. But before anything else, few headphones were connected to Weiss DAC202 on my mastering console. We know many of Weiss DAC202 customers are enjoying the great performances of headphone listening.

May I give you an advice, if you do not triple clear that the retail price of this headphone is HK$26,000, DO NOT PUT THEM ON YOUR EARs and do not attempt to connect it to DAC202.

I did not expect this kind of sound quality level at all,  and I have very high chance to order one. You all know I am using few flagship headphones on recording.

Hong Kong AV Show – Hall3 展覽廳3 D05. I will only be available on the first day of the show. (August 6th) before going to Taiwan for TAA 20th HiFi Show on August 7 & 8. But everyone who knows me well, this headphone combines the best of the best I have heard in different brands. It maybe the first headphone that I can judge on the final mastering frequency balance.

We will prepare all new and unique 24bit/96kHz & 24bit/192kHz Hi-Res demo audio materials from jazz, classical and few latest pop remastering projects (premier Gold Typhoon Hi-Res materials) with Sonic Studio Amarra Full 2.0 and Weiss Engineering DAC202. I will make absolutely sure there are something you never heard of.

I guess this will be the best you can get from hi-end listening, from a mastering engineering perspective.

If you drop by, please say a hello! See you all.

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