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This is the first place you read this info and we are not yet make it for public. We have setup our new sister company “Square Wave Limited” that will bring some new exciting products to the market. “Square Wave Limited” maybe you got the meaning on “1010101001011” binary and digital numbers. We hope to turn zero to one without distortion.

The first announcement will be officially distribution of Japan “Neo Created by Oyaide” cable products.

By Weiss development we have to find some decent cables: Good outlook, solid built quality, great specification – good eye patterns/double shielding, and the biggest concern is not expansive. We personally visited Neo Oyaide head quarters in Tokyo twice to meet with the design team and discussed on these topics. It came to our attention that its d+Firewire is the best all round solution we have been looking for and we sell this d+ Firewire cable as a service almost exclusively for Weiss users. We do have few customers bought this d+Firewire cables for dCS 1394 DSD connections with great results too.

The decent size of Weiss users in our region, plus oversea orders has brought us a surprising sales result. We offer competitive prices, quickest turnover and secure payment via paypal has gain terrific results from oversea users. The feedbacks are all excellent. Some of them are using ultra expansive firewire cables (which we initially DO NOT recommend and neither think it will gain performances), we are happy that they report the d+ Firewire works as good that they are willing to sold their ultra expansive firewire cables for something else (we recommend high res. music for example). More importantly, since we introduced this Neo d+Firewire cables, we receive ZERO call for assistant, that Weiss firewire products cannot connect to computer. We usually receive few cases every month and most are caused by bad quality firewire bought from computer junk store.

Oyaide is one famous traditional Japan cable manufacturer. “Neo created by Oyaide” is the 2nd label which works independently. Most target customers are high profile Japanese and international music producers, studio engineers and artists. This is one big reason I like this brand. We share the same professional audio background.

After the successful release of d+ Firewire, next product range is d+USB series. Oyaide carry high reputation for its own custom made connectors design. The d+USB series has 3 types of connectors: Class B (24K Gold Plated Bronze Alloy), Class A (Silver + Rhodium Plated Bronze Alloy) and ultimately Class S (Platinum + Rhodium Plated Bronze Alloy) . All three series provides great tech spec. on eye patterns and double shielding. The outlook is even better than d+Firewire. With more popular USB DACs in the audiophile market, we look forward d+ USB to be one of the better solutions.

There is a side story that we ordered around 10pc  “Neo Created by Oyaide” HD-PSW 1.3a Pure Silver HDMI cable as test samples. People who came up to our place saw those and bought them all before we sent to our partner for evaluation. We sold out 2 batch orders before any of our partnership company start carry this cable in stock. Still there is no Hong Kong local review (simplified chinese) (2) on the market but this HD-PSW1.3a pure silver HDMI cable packs extremely high tech specification: High Speed with Ethernet, 100Mbps, wide bandwidth 340Mhz (10.2Gbit/s), Max resolution up to 4096 x 2160, support 4K2K projection with 3D video graphics and pure silver conductor. Our partnerships who are video experts in the market, tested and certified this Neo HD-PSW1.3a is one top quality cable. Hopefully more local reviews can brought this up to videophile attention. Before we have the official promotion, the Neo HD-PSW1.3a pure silver HDMI cable is available now on Fortress stores(豐澤電器) , (數碼影音), plus you may order directly from our Online Store.

The Black Mamba-α power cables are used by many top engineers and producers in Japan. It has heavy duty 3.5sq PCOCC-A conductors with Oyaide famous P/C-029 “Black Mamba” plugs. If you believe power cable can improve sound quality of a system, this is one to try.

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