New friend

During this Japan trip, we scheduled to meet with one famous audiophile in Tokyo. Few years ago he co-worked with ex-Sony engineer and built a set of full digital amplifier called “Sound Design” with digital input. Audio is his only hobby and he spent his own money to invest on many recordings which have not yet release to the market, including many open reels recording. My visit is to listen to those recordings and hope to partnership and promote a group of talent musicians, they are called “tjc – Tokio Jazz Collective”

The is not the first time I listened to low profile loudspeaker setting, and the recent Wilson Audio speaker Polaris is indeed an interesting idea. We listened to some of the master recordings at pure DSD resolution and the quality is stunningly well with great soundstage at the back of these loudspeakers. After listening at his home, he brought us to a italian restaurant just at a quiet corner, it was an excellent dinner.

We look forward to meet again soon, and also the kick start our partnership in near future.

  1. Dominique

    22 May

    The low profile loundspeaker looks great !!!! Any more details about the Spec. ?

  2. matthias

    30 May

    Is it possible to get some informations about the speaker in the foreground at the left upper image?



  3. admin

    31 May

    Hello dominique and matthias, I forgot the name of the speaker but the user told me I should not be able to find anywhere. I believe it is also made by Sound Design. The sound of this combination with such the setting are excellent.

  4. matthias

    31 May

    Hello Dominique,

    here is the link:



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