CAS – SS10 数码音响讲座

日期: 2010年5月29星期六
时间: 2-5pm
Fee: HK$250 /person
Register email:
Register number: 2545 0369
请连同姓名(网名), 联络电话及电邮作订座。我们会把订座编号及银行付款方法回复,先到先得。

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本讲座主要针对电脑数码音响理论及重播示范。适合对电脑作为音源 (CAS)有兴趣的音响爱好者.

PART 1 – 旨在加强高解像电脑讯源重播实践及由零开始去建立个人数码音乐图书馆

Digital Audio Basics 音响基本知识

  • Digital Audio Recording 数码录音
  • Digital Formats (PCM, DSD) 数码录音格式
  • Bit Depth & Sample Rate 数码音频元位和取样
  • Floating Point & Fixed Point Processing 定点和浮点

Digital Audio Playback Discussion & Demonstration 音响重播讨论及重播示范

  • Audio Source 音源 (CD, SACD, DVD-V, DVD-Audio, Download, MP3, AAC, Computer As Source)
  • Advantage and Disadvantage of each source format 不同音源的特性
  • Digital Clocking & Connections 数码时钟和连接
  • Ethernet / USB / Firewire / I2S / AES/EBU / SPDIF / TOSLINK / ST Optics Connection 数码连接
  • High Resolution Weiss INT202 Digital to Digital Converter, Weiss DAC202 Digital to Analogue Converter

Computer Setting Demo: Software Demonstration: 软件讨论及示范实践

  • Windows 7 / Mac OS/X Sound Panel Setup
  • Audio Driver – MME-WDM / ASIO / WASAPI / Core Audio 讨论
  • FooBar 2000, iTunes, Sonic Studio Amarra 软件讨论及示范
  • The important of Bit Transparency
  • Digital Loop Recording Demonstration
  • Professional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) – WaveLab / Nuendo / Harrison Mixbus / Izotope RX 讨论及示范
  • Weiss SARACON Software Upsampling

Computer Digital Music Library 101? 怎样建立数码音乐图书馆?

  • iTunes Setup 示范实践
  • CD Ripping – EAC / dB Poweramp / iTunes 示范实践
  • File Format: WAV / AIFF / MP3 / AAC / Apple Lossless / WMA Lossless / Format Conversion: MAX 示范实践
  • Album Info & Artworks (CDDB / Gracenote / Album Art Widget) 示范实践
  • High Resolution Download Website – / / 示范实践
  • Live Workflow – Download music from website -> Import music to form a digital library -> Playback 示范实践

Special high quality, not for sale high resolution files will be free for all attendees, and of course our usual lucky draw also.

Demo products:

  • Naim S-600 speaker
  • Weiss ATT202
  • Cambridge 830 Mono Block
  • USB DACs: dCS Debussy D/A , PS Audio Perfect Wave D/A
  • Firewire: Weiss DAC202, Weiss DAC2, Weiss INT202
  • Weiss Chiron Glass1 Cable
  • MacBook Pro 17
  • Amarra Full and Mini
  • PC DAW – Wavelab, Nuendo, iZotope Rx
  • iPAD / iPhone Remote Control

Lucky draw:

  • Tube Clock
  • His Master Voice Nipper

Technical Support:


Picture 8 Picture 5

Media Partnership:

Registered Attendees:

Alex Chan Ben Yu Hubert Chan Mr. Chung Tsz Hong Ip (Hong)
Herman Chu Patrick Che Wilson@Sina Yau Yau Gavin Wah
HC TS Leung Ivan Hung SK Y WK Hung
HC – Anthony Chan Tak Shing L C O Wong John Lee Kui Hing Ying
Peter Kan barco508 KC Chan Peter Yeung Lee Suk Ping
Terence Siu Ernie Kong Tony Tong Alex Kun Lee King Ping
SK Liky Lam John Ho Robert Chen Master Lau
SK-WK Ma (sky) Chan Kar Ho Alvin Lau Ranky Li
SK-YP allenwailun Ma Ka Shu Cato Mak Ted Tau
SK-KL Yung Ting Kee Francis Leung Thomas Law TT1
Edward To Yip Tak Fai Hanton Siu Benny Kwan TT2
Lee Wai Lun Jason On Jimmy Fu KW Chan Wong Sze Yan
Chris TY Chan Josh Chan Wood Li Mr. Tao So Ngai Chi
Paul Lee Robin Chan Toma Sin Ben Wong Anthony Wong
CP Leung Jenny Yip Mr. Kwok Ken Ko Raymond Fung
Sunny Yuen Ken Ng Alex Cheung Edward Wong Susan Chan
Winson Cheng Ricky Wan Alfred Wong Wayne Kwok Sam Ho
Wesley Hui Jocobo Roberto KT Arthur Wing Yip
Ltpwong Barry Chu Charlie Chow HYJ Tsang
King Li Edmond Yiu Lawrence Lee Lam Sai Kam (Tony) LimHL

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      Hello John, thank you. We have replied your confirmation email.

  2. Alfred

    12 May

    Dear kent,

    Please count me in and advise me how to pay the registration fee by e-mail.

    I also like to purchase the 2.0M d+ Firewire cable, I am connecting the new Macmini with DAC2, should I buy the 6pin(400) – 9pin(800) /2.0M or other config? Please kindly advise.

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    Any seat available for 29 May seminar?

  6. Harry Liu

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    I missed this Part I seminar. When is Part II, and how to registered?

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    Hello Harry, Part II is the CAS Workshop, you can find more information here:

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