Weiss DAC2 Review by 6moons

6moons.com chief editor and owner Srajan Ebaen has written a new series of review, using Weiss DAC2 for computer audio playback. His review is extremely detail that includes most answers that anyone who is interested to Weiss DAC2/Minerva. More importantly, he has put on almost everything everyone who use Weiss DAC2 will meet in setting up computer for audio, such as AIFF/WAV selection, the main reason of using Amarra and cables. etc

We highly suggest anyone who is interested to setup CAS (Computer As Source) to take a look of his review.

6moons another reviewer Frederic Beudot has review Minerva earlier and provided Minerva Blue Moon Award:

  1. ted brady

    18 March

    Srajan has not begun his review yet. What is currently posted is his preview (all facts and initial discoveries, no real hands-on feedback yet). This is part of the normal process for his ezine’s reviews: first post the preview to let folks know what is being evaluated, then post the review when the evaluation is done (I’ve been part of other 6Moons reviews so I know from experience). Also, I communicated with Srajan on this specifically; he says it’s a new unit and he just received it.

  2. CKKeung

    18 March

    Frederic Beudot’s earlier review of Minerva is very comprehensive. It also contains also many useful explanation of CAS princples.
    Frederic has asked Weiss to send him a sample of the new DAC202 for review once it’s available.

  3. admin

    18 March

    Yes, therefore I said “a series of review”. However those facts are what all potential user will gonna to face, this makes it very practical.

    Everyone wants a DAC202 for sure. It has highly improved D/A and analogue output sections. I was a little bit skeptical before I heard the first prototype in CES2010, and then everyone just amazed by the performances (including myself). Genesis Loudspeaker shares the room with us. The designer/owner Gary Koh is a long time Minerva user. He uses Minerva to design his speakers, and once we fired up the DAC202 for the 1st night, he described the quality surpassed the Minerva by a large margin. Steve McCormack shared the same thought. We had a SOTA setup in the room too, but the DAC202 gave it a very tough time.

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