DAS – FW2009 Report

日期: 2009年11月14 星期六 或 11月15日星期日 (1 Day Seminar)
Date: November 14 or 15 (1 Day Seminar), 2009

Lucky Draw:幸運大抽獎

  • 頭獎2名: (星期六和星期日各一套)爵士原音 III – 日本HQCD配方 ML22 & ML23 原母帶 2 張 (非賣品)
  • 二獎1名: 美國Sonic Studio Amarra Mini播放軟件
  • 三獎1名: 趙學而聽聽 HQCD Deluxe 簽名版1套
  • 四獎3名: 爵士原音 III – 雙碟限量版1套
  • 五獎5名: HifiTrack.com – $100 音樂現金券


Review33.com: http://www.review33.com/news/news.php?news_id=73

Taiwan My-Hiend.com: http://www.my-hiend.com/vbb/showthread.php?p=60671#post60671

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  1. JY

    31 October

    Beauty, looks like you are also adding your very own mini hifi show here …

    Just curious, will you be spending much time on demonstrating the Amarra in comparison with iTunes stand alone? This is what interest me the most

  2. admin

    31 October

    Sonic Studio CEO and Chief Designer Jonathan Reichbach will be in Japan Tokyo during that period of time. He is checking on the traveling schedule and you may meet with the designer of Amarra too. For demonstration, this is obviously what we are going to do.

    The demonstration shows each type of computer connection from wide ranges of pricing. This gives everyone a good overview on pros and cons, and easier to setup their own digital audio library.

  3. admin

    31 October

    Oh! And you can have a special discount price on Amarra ordering during the Seminar too!

  4. Hercules

    2 November

    Bonky signed on the box or on the plastic foil???

  5. admin

    2 November

    Of course on the box =)

  6. JY

    11 November

    How much discount are we looking at?

  7. elo

    19 November

    Can you advise what is the discounted price for Amarra ?

    • admin

      20 November

      Hello, sorry for the late reply. I have written a letter including all special pricing to HiFitrack.com. They will soon release to all attendee.

  8. Hercules

    22 November


    I would like to have next course explore into home editing, archiving of Vinyl and SACD into Hi-Rez file by PC, I think it’s not very easy job to optimize setting like balancing gain, details and background noise, and after capture optimization for better listening experience.

    Also what’s the use of Test tone and the graph?

  9. kttsui

    26 December

    Hi, Kent,

    I understand that there would be some discount on purchase of Amarra music player for all attendee. I have been waiting for some time but still not receiving any news. Can you update the progress? Thanks.

  10. admin

    28 December

    Hello Kttsui, I replied you by email with the DAS offering. Thanks for your contact.

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