Hi-End Show Tokyo 2009

A week after the biggest TIAS2009, there is another Hi-End Show Tokyo 2009. I remember last year they were running at the same week. The location of the Hi-End Show Tokyo is one street opposite of the Tokyo International Forum.

  • 完実電気株式会社 is the largest exhibitor of the show. It carries famous brands like PS Audio, Western Electric etc.
  • 株式会社音元出版 is one of the largest audio related online/publishing company in Japan.
  • 47 Labs shows the latest Model 4730 Midnight Blue, very good looking FM Tuner, and Model 4732 USB DAC.
  • Audio Pro has a new FM Tuner which looks very good too.
  • Sound Fidelity Super Digital Audio Player is a PC based music server
  • Hannl Mera EL Vinyl washing machine is very good quality for black plastic lovers
  • Musa-Music sells Audiophile Jazz Prologue III to Japan customer.

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