PC オーディオ fan – Japan

PC オーディオ fan – Japan

Teruhisa Onda (照久御田) and I become very good friend. We share audio philosophy through emails and blog. In last few months our blog and email was down. However Mr. Onda still working very hard towards better quality of computer playback.

The publication he is currently working with – AudioBasic releases a new magazine especially target on PC Audio. This “PC オーディオ fan” is far by the greatest documents/magazines about computer audio playback in history. Congratulation Teruhisa san! You are pioneer. The magazine includes a CD-Rom which contains 24/96 high resolution music wav files. The recording was made in Studio K’s with DPA4090, 4006 microphones. I think, even if you cannot read Japanese, you may still want to get a copy. (Drop me a message if you want to have one, I may form a group buy if there is significant demand.) If there is possible to have a translate version in Chinese will be very helpful for local chinese.

I am also surprised to see Takahito Miura in an interview. He is a master now with latest digital audio technologies. It is my great honor to be friend with Mr. Miura san and Mr. Onda san. I look forward for my next trip to Japan and meet with them in person.

This magazine has proven that computer audio has reached high end audio circle. More solid audio theories is needed to avoid confusion. Let’s work hard.

A copy of the above few page mentioning AJP-III, DWS Blog and Weiss DAC2 can be found here

Please also visit Onda san Audio Blog

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