HiFi Review – CAS

HiFi Review has an article this month about CAS – Computer As Source. We are lucky that the author mentioned about our recording. Audiophile Jazz Prologue III combines a custom made CD-R (with BLER measurement chart) and high resolution file DVD9, which includes 24/192, 24/96 and 16/44.1kHz files of the same recording. The reference recordings HRx are superb!! I have collected all titles.

Once you tried the high resolution file playback, there is no turning back. And no matter what media we are going to have, high bit rate / high sampling rate PCM will be the future. We have been recording 24/96 more than 12 years, the technologies have reached a point where the quality is based on the engineering, not spec.

Of course, whenever time I play with the open reel tape, I thing that is the next best thing………

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