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Ming Pao Weekly – #2103 – Design w Sound

Ming Pao Weekly – #2103


Thank you Simon Chung for this excellent review. We think that high resolution file is the most ideal method to allow audiophile listens to master tape quality, because they are bit identical digital content. Apple TV + Chord DAC64 should be a great playback front end. Our solution Weiss DAC2/Minerva firewire DAC connects directly connects to a PC or MAC. For computer connection, any computer with a Firewire 400/800 or IEEE 1394 or i-Link is capable to hook up Weiss DAC2/Minerva DAC.

  1. Simon Chung

    17 March

    Hi Ken,

    Just want to know if Weiss DAC2 stock is available, can’t wait to go 24/192.


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