HiFi-Review Feb-2009



The PDF of the review: http://www.designwsound.com/Jazz3/HiFi-Review-0209lores.pdf

We recently visited local magazine “HiFi Review” twice. We had 2 demonstrations of our new records “Audiophile Jazz Prologue III Limited Edition” for software and hardware reviewers. The setup is very simple contains a Macbook / Powerbook as control interface, a long firewire 1394 cable connected to Weiss Minerva 24bit /192kHz DAC.

We also demonstrated the power of Weiss DAC playing Reference Recordings HRx in 24/176.2 and David Chesky 24/192 CES 2009 demo. They are both superb recordings. I hope people to understand that 24/96, 24/192 high resolution PCM are as good as we can provide. They are far better than CD quality.

With file based format like AIFF, WAV, the records companies are selling the exact same high resolution master to their customers. I wish to thank you all the reviewers in HiFi Review magazine for their support on this album, and help us delivery the message to local audiophiles. We have been waited so many years to release the resolution that we really captured.

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