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AJP-III review abstract


Thank you for all the wonderful reviews and great comments from all around the world.

“此CD-R重现的声音密度,感情深度和音色鲜明度都不比发烧级LP逊色,而动态和低频就有过之……效果之佳令我震惊到说不出话来。” – 陈煐光(发烧音响)

“女歌手,Double Bass, 结他共处一室的临场感更强烈,声音纯度与分隔度更高….众兄弟哗然,因为靓声过之前听过的所有女声cd…..” – 何森 (HiFi 音响)

“将最高质素的音乐以CD-R母盘碟和档案,是音乐成品有史以来最无保留的。” – Joe Tang  (HiFi 音响)

“压倒性的音质,空气包围感非常强烈,像真度十足之名盘” – 御田照久 (Audio Basic)

“录音真实自然,钢琴和色士风像真度极高,女声亦通透立体,愈聴愈有味道,非常耐听。” 加里 (音响技术)

“爵士原音3,CD-R碟是一只很靓的录音,声音是,演出也是……花两百几买一片演录俱佳的CDR,且有出世纸验明正身。DVD真正24/192规格的音乐档把普通CD‮)_‬到九十丈远。” – 刘志刚 (HiFi 音响)

“CES展内用你的唱片作试音用,全部人都问我这是甚么顶级录音!一流!” – 三浦考仁 (Stereo Sound)

“爵士原音班底倾力炮制,水准高录音靓,非常耐听。原音24/96及24/192档案放在DVD9内数码音乐格式来展现出比CD成品靓声的倍増声效。” – Mak Klaus (AV Magazine)

“强烈地感受到最高规格音乐档的音响成就……再生出一份拟似录音中的乐队,已驾临本刊大房为我进行即席的演奏一样!这份音向效果的确十分骇人听闻。” – Winson Ng (HiFi 音响)

“百份百肯定声效属靓绝水平,乐味之浓和旋律之生猛富弹跳感,女歌手Maria Seebaran 的声线迷人浪漫,实觉绕梁三日之妙。” – 中仔(发烧音响)

“人声hall effect来得极度真实,并非任何人工环绕声能做到。深层的背景层次,live的感觉令人叹为观止,那种现场录音的实感,竟然可以忠实地重现。” Thomas Wang  (HiFi 音响)

“This is an awesome acoustic jazz album that every audiophile and jazz aficionado must own…….It’s an incredible piece of work all around!  –Chris Connaker – Founder of Computer Audiophile

“The sound was amazing! Very smooth, detailed, lifelike, and transparent. Some of the best sound you’ll ever hear, period. “ – Joel Kozlowski Audio Asylum

“You are truly a master! It’s fabulous….absolutely fabulous!! “ – Jesus Rodriguez

“I was comparing your two free downloads at 24/96 to similar 24/96 downloads from Linn and Itrax, your sound is so far above these.” – Tom Chiles

“I now have a Benz Micro Ebony LP, SME V, Verdier Platine Granito, Einstein phono preamp setup. Your high res. digital download is better. I never thought I would say that about digital!” – David Rawn (Weiss user)

“Kent Poon is a Master. I have thoroughly enjoyed the music on the Audiophile Jazz Prologue III Limited Edition discs. The excellent performances and great recordings should place this disc among the top on anyone’s list for good music.” – audiozorro –

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