Release of AJP-03 LE Version



Thanks for ALL music lovers and audiophiles that support our albums. I’m very glad to announce that the Audiophile Jazz Prologue – Part 03 Limited Edition has been finally released. It should be available in Hong Kong this evening on major audiophile records stores.

Everyone we talked with about this release during first day of CES show are surprised by its featuring. 

A Premium Made CD-R, directly imported from Japan. Same production procedure as we create all CD Masters. Each final product is measured to fit our specification, and a printed report to support the spec. Every CD-R report is unique. 

A High Resolution Files DATA DVD-Rom – Completely stored all 13 songs in 24/192kHz, 24/96kHz and 16/44.1kHz resolution. These are standard AIFF files with embedded Album Artwork and Info. 

A nicely designed booklet and packaging. This should be the first photo that show the whole package. 

We will later provide an order link for people who are outside of Hong Kong. There are 2 lucky audiophiles who found our secret link and actually ordered it via paypal. The first audiophile is JR from Florida and the second audiophile is Lawrence from Melbourne!!! Thank you! 

We are sending samples to for our Japan distributor FineSource.

  1. Hercules

    11 January

    Finally, I got my copy today, great work!! Wonderful SOUND!!

    • admin

      11 January

      Thanks Hercules, you know it has taken us very long to release this album. I really glad you like it and hope to hear from you more on here or review33 or your own forum. We have been REALLY successful here in CES too even though we haven’t release in US market. I hope the HK local audiophiles will know more about it and the technology/efforts at behind.

      Thanks again for all the support.

  2. Dennis

    11 January

    I got one last night. It is great. The booklet attached ask us to register the CD Serial number. Please advise how to do it. Thanks.

    • admin

      12 January

      Please send your name / telephone / email / serial number to for registration.
      Thank you for support of our records and I hope you like it.

  3. bearheath

    12 January


    can you please send me an email or post a reply with info on how to purchase the double disc LE version? Thank you.

  4. joj

    25 January

    Will you be releasing it in the US market and if so with whom?

    • admin

      28 January

      Hi joj, We don’t have a US distributor but I hope there will be one, so that we don’t need to ship each copy individually. At the moment we have online order which you can buy from our website:
      Thanks for your question.

  5. song soon onn

    8 February

    Hi Kent, just to confirm AJP3 comes in 2 format, 1 wav file for music server download and another 1 to be use on a normal transport, am I right? If yes, pls reserve a copy for me and I will pay thru paypal thks

  6. admin

    8 February

    Hello Song Soon onn, you can order the disc from our buy online page:

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