Weiss Engineering DS1-Mk3 upgrade

Weiss Engineering DS1-Mk3 upgrade

The MK3 version of the DS1 – a software upgrade for the DS1-MK2:

  • Independent parameter control in the two channels
  • M/S mode selectable
  • Sidechain link on / off switchable
  • Peak / RMS sidechain processing
  • 24 Bit POW-R dithering

Price for the upgrade (two user installable chips): HKD$4000

Users of the standard DS1 model (i.e. not the MK2) can upgrade by swapping the DSP board of their DS1 for a new one. This can easily be done by the customer.

1) Before the upgrade

2) Weiss provides a very nice tool for removing the existing chipsets

3) The MK2->MK3 upgrade chipsets

4) Open the box and see the AD Sharc DSPs

5) Replace the IC201 / IC202

6) Upgrade finished Now the software is DSP Code & OS Version V3.0

I still have not dig very deep into this unit, however I NEVER experience such transparent M/S compression! I did have several best M/S compressors and encoder/decoder on hand. I especially like to see the L/R individual input/output meters!!

More review will come soon.

Stay Tune.

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