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Weiss Engineering DAC2 – D/A converter

Weiss Engineering DAC2 – D/A converter

The DAC2 is a high performance stereo Firewire based digital to analog and digital to digital converter for usage either standalone or in conjunction with a PC or MAC computer.

The DAC2 supports the following conversions:

  • Firewire to analog
  • AES/EBU to analog
  • Firewire to AES/EBU
  • AES/EBU to Firewire

Features of the DAC2:

Inputs: Digital Audio inputs on Firewire (two connectors), XLR, RCA and Toslink.

Outputs: Stereo analog output on XLR and RCA. Digital Audio output on Firewire, XLR and RCA.

Sampling Rates, Wordlength: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz at up to 24 Bits.

Software: Drivers for Windows™ and OSX™ operating systems.

Power Supply: A  non-switching power supply is used. The mains voltage can be set to 100..120V or 200..240V.

New Reviews

Computer Audiophile wrote a great review for Weiss Minerva Firewire DAC, which is the consumer version of DAC2.

“In general I usually don’t like to ask myself questions. As Adam Carolla would say this is a blow-hard move. But, I’ll make an exception for this review. Was the Weiss Minerva really the best DAC and was it everything I had built it up to be? Yes and yes. Over the last few weeks I have been hinting in the forums and in other articles that the Minerva is really something special. I’m sure some of the forum regulars wondered if I would ever finish this review! Truth be told, I hated to complete the review because this meant the Minerva had to be sent on its way. Talk about a sad day in Computer Audiophile history. Anyway, I’ve had quite a few DACs here in my listening room and I’ve listened to many others at High-End shops and shows. I have yet to hear a DAC, connected to a computer based audio system, as good as the Minerva. The DLIII and the DAC1 PRE don’t hold a candle to this thing. At a US retail price of $4950 the Minerva better be a superior product. Fortunately it is superior and the difference between the Minerva and its competition thus far is astounding.”

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