Chris Babida purchases full set of Weiss Engineeri...

Chris Babida purchases full set of Weiss Engineering Products

2008 Beijing Olympic Torch Song “Light The Passion, Share The Dream.” composer Chris Babida has recently purchased a whole Weiss DSP system, including the Double Sampling EQ1-Mk2, Double Sample 40bit floating point DS1-Mk2 and SFC2 hardware sample rate converter.

I have video taped Kent mastering demonstrates the Weiss EQ1-Mk2 and DS1-Mk2 for future reference usage. I found out the transparency of the equalization has never been strong. M/S EQ is a whole new topic to me. The control and depth of the tuning is like a surgery in audio mixes. I’m very impressed with sound quality of this combo and Kent demonstration.”

On September 30, 2007
Chris sent us an email – “The Weiss saved my life yesterday because the “Solo” violin recorded in BJ had a very heavy Air Conditioning Sound! Thanks to a bad engineer in BJ and so I thought I had to re record the violin, but finally I asked A Cheung to use the Weiss EQ …and then Magic….he took out the air condition sound! Just like that? Great! “

Update on February 2008
Chris just cannot resist on the superior quality of Weiss gears. He added the ADC2 with firewire option, DAC1-Mk2, the second SFC2 (total of 8 ch. real time SRC) and offline SRC program SARACON.

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