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大友克洋 Montreux Jazz Festival Japan 2015

Montreux Jazz Festival 原本是擁有 55年歷史的瑞士蒙特勒 Montreux Jazz Festival...

Artist Connection – Sony 360RA Sampler

Digital CES 2021 – Artist Connection(AC)與Sony剛剛推出全球首個360RA (Reality Audio) Live Stream!...

Artist Connection – Sony Headphone Connect

Artist Connection與Sony正式簽署為媒體合作協議...

Artist Connection

籌備超過兩年,與美國Streamsoft Inc合作,率先推出全新音樂串流平台Artist Connection! 只需要掃描QR碼下載免費App,便可立刻試聽高品質音樂!...


There are many great quality recordings available. Today technology provide us to create higher transparent media than ever before....

New Diary 20200901

September 1st, 2020. (Tuesday) Here is a new start of my audio diary. Lot of things going on daily and even myself somehow forget them....

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